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« We do appreciate Airbus Defence and Space products, services and support when ordering the satellite imagery. We didn't get any products complaints from our end-customer. Ordering via GeoStore makes our work easier and faster to get the image. Moreover, your staffs in Singapore are helpful. They fully support us on technical information and our requests and we are awaiting more images over Southeast Asia and intelligence products from Airbus. » GISTDA (www.gistda.or.th), a trusted partner from Thailand, who has been placing archive orders of PlĂ©iades and SPOT6&7 via our unique GeoStore since 2014, was extremely satisfied with the level of processing time. The implementation of "ordering via GeoStore" has significantly reduced various administrative processes and paperwork while increasing the efficiency of data ordering/delivery. The data that is ordered directly by GISTDA User Services and the production and delivery process is completely automated and delivery time can be as short as less than 1 hour upon order confirmation via GeoStore.

Today, GISTDA is a happy user of GeoStore and completed more than 160 orders through the online platform in 2015.
Leelawan Sutheparuks - User Services, GISTDA

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